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Offline Robot Programming

Get your robot offline programming job done faster and easier – or even fully automated. Or automate applications unthinkable without automatic robot programming software.

Millions of robot programs can’t be wrong! Benefit from more automated robot programming and have your automation rapidly

  • programmed
  • optimized
  • validated
  • of high quality
  • cost-efficient
  • space-saving
Proven on shop-floors with millions of robot programs generated and executed.

What does AUTOMAPPPS robot programming software feature:

  • Faster robot offline programming
  • 100% automatic robot programming in seconds
  • Automatic motion planning
  • Automatic collision avoidance even in multi-robot systems and line-tracking
  • Embedded process know-how with WYSIWYG process simulation and support functions
  • Intuitive editing
  • CAM support
  • Optimization and scheduling
  • multi robot simulation
  • And many other functions

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Robot offline programming and simulation of painting applications for some workpieces

Robot offline programming of painting robots with line tracking

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