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Our Mission

Our Vision

We want to be a leading partner for the automation in the industry in central and eastern Switzerland. Our name should be known for its competence and quality.

Our Mission

... Our work, our performance

We are a modern-run company that provides services and products in the field of industrial automation. Our problem-solving tasks support the success of our customers.

Our services are cost-effective and we are committed to improving them continuously with innovations. The quality of our performance is measured according to the satisfaction of our customers. We want quality deviations quickly resolved and avoided in the future. We are looking for the causes of deviations and not who has caused them.

... Our customers

Our customers in the industry are entitled to qualified consulting and the highest quality in the execution of their orders. We want to generate the greatest possible benefit for them. We see rapidly changing requirements as a challenge.

... Our staff

We distinguish ourselves by professional competence and superior commitment. We take responsibility and have a distinctive approach focused on quality. Our management supports the personal and professional development of our staff. We are creating the general conditions for autonomous and independent thinking and acting, as well as for training. An open and constructive information policy and communication supports this process.

We use fair payment based on performance as a basic for our employee satisfaction. Our working atmosphere is characterized by mutual esteem and a sense of community. This is part of our corporate culture, and is also reflected in dealing with customers.

... Our security

We want to make a profit that is used for long-term growth, appropriate risk provisions, long-term job security and a sufficient return on capital.

... Our environment

It is our goal, to carefully and deliberately handle our environment and natural resources in everyone’s best interest. The preservation of our environment ensures the quality of life for all.