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Milestones in our company's history


  • Control of a roxor robotic shot peening machine at SR Technics in Zurich
  • TBM becomes distributor for Convergent Information Technologies AUTOMAPPPS.


  • TBM becomes general importer and distributor for AUBO Robotics.
  • Torque-control with a Kollmorgen AKD servodrive for a testbench for Automobile- und Aero-Engines
  • Control of a packaging line with a "Light Weight Collaborative Robot" and Simatic


  • Control of a Roxor BLISK shot peening machine for Rolls Royce Aero Engines (Simatic with Stäubli Robot)
  • Controls for several winder applications
  • Retrofit of a Baiker shot peening machine at SR Technics (Siemens Sinumerik 840dsl)
  • Control of a galvanic process equipment in China
  • Control of a vacuum cooler
  • Testbench automation for the Automotive-Industry (Simatic with integrated safety)
  • Testbench automation for several hygienic products
  • Design and construction of a power-distribution panel for the parallel charging of 2 Tesla cars


  • Control of a lift-charger at Max Zeller Söhne AG (Simatic with integrated safety)
  • Control of a laser scanner with Kollmorgen AKD-PDMM with G-Code Interpreter
  • Control of a Roxor alu-oxide blasting machine at Lufthansa Technik AG (Simatic with ABB Robot)
  • Automation of leakage testing (CETA and Siemens Simatic)
  • Software-Retrofit of a Rösler wet blasting machine at Lufthansa Technik AG in Hamburg


  • TBM receives the international approval for personnel loan to optimally support its customers in large engineering projects also in the Principality of Liechtenstein.
  • Retrofit of our own building control (Siemens Simatic)
  • Controls for labelers at Hilti AG
  • First hygienic stainless steel motor from Kollmorgen for the food industry and integration of Kollmorgen AKD drives into Simatic 1500 at Swiss Can Machinery


  • TBM gets awarded from Kollmorgen as "Best European Distributor 2013"
  • TBM receives the national approval for personnel loan to optimally support its customers in large engineering projects
  • Control of a coldisostatic press for tungsten carbide for ABRA Fluid (Simatic and Eurotherm)
  • Development of a motion control software based on Kollmorgen AKD PDMM for a Freymatic catalyst-cutter
  • Retrofit of a Schlick nut basting machine and a Schlick alu-oxide blasting machine at Lufthansa Technik AG (both with Siemens Sinumerik 840dsl)
  • Control of the first Roxor shot peening machine for Liebherr Aerospace in Lindenberg (Simatic with Motoman Yaskawa Robot)
  • Control for the Fluid-mechanics Laboratory of the University of Geneva (Kollmorgen AKD-T Basic Drive)


  • Retrofit / Upgrade of a Wheelabrator shot-peening machine at Lufthansa Technik AG in Hamburg
  • Development of a non-wearing flow meter for shot peening with Fe-Media
  • Control for a R&D Peening System at roxor strahltechnik
  • Development of a new control for nozzle oscillation and rotation for precision inside peening
  • Control for a fountain at Schmidheiny-Park, Heerbrugg


  • Acquisition of the business unit Flow Sensors of Anvil Developments, Mr. Eng Rudolf Bosshard
  • Development of a Motion Control „Flying Pendulum“ for the new cutter generation Lean-Cut at Freymatic AG
  • Complete Retrofit of a Lingl unloading, grouping and setting machine for Ziegelei Hochdorf AG
  • Motion Control for a bag packaging machine at Hügli Nährmittel AG
  • Control for a carrot processing line at Vegetable Centre LV-St. Gallen, Rebstein (Switzerland)


  • Control for the mayonnaise production at Hügli Nährmittel AG
  • Process-Controls of electroplating in the new plant at Hartchrom AG (China)
  • CNC-Control for a Baiker wet blasting machine for Lufthansa Technik AG, Hamburg (Complete-Retrofit)
  • Synchronic motion control of a hydraulic bridge lifting device for LGB Lehrgerüstbau, Koblach (Austria)
  • Control, measurement and data logging of a crankshaft assembly for Höckle AG, Langenegg (Austria)
  • Six visualisation systems for Baiker shot peening machines at MTU in Munich and Rolls-Royce in Oberursel


  • Wienerberger, Kunigal (India): Control for a Freymatic brick fabrication
  • Hartchrom AG, Steinach (Switzerland): Process-Controls of electroplating at the new plant in Steinach


  • US-Tile (California): control of roof-tile fabrication with Rockwell SLC 500
  • Rolls Royce Aero-Engines (D): Schleicher CNC control for a shot peening machine


  • Brick factory Landquart (CH): Development of an energy management system for the ceramic drying (Beckhoff PLC + Visual Studio .Net + SQL Server)
  • Rolex (CH): Software Engineering for a Wertli continuous casting equipment
  • TBM Automation AG became official solution partner of Beckhoff AG


  • Wienerberger, Sibiu (RO): Development of a motion control application with rotary cutter, electrical gearing and flying saw with software-differential
  • Gruppo Fauci, Sicily: Development of a motion control application: linearization of an eccentric crank shaft for synchronization with a clay slug


  • Our saddest year. We remember our deceased co-founder Mr. Ing. Walter Terpetschnig, who provided a major contribution to the success of the company.
  • SR Technics, Zurich-Kloten (CH): First Beckhoff CNC for a shot peening machine


  • Unaxis-Displays (FL): motion and drive-engineering and supply of servo drives for all KAI 2500 and UNI2500/3000
  • Malteurop, Rostock (D): Development of a process control and visualization of malt houses with VB.net and VisiWin
  • Hilcona (FL): Palletizer with Simatic S7 and servo drives including positioning via Profibus
  • Opel Aspern (A): control system of a shot peening machine for transmission shafts
  • Wienerberger, Köszeg (H): First bearingless Direct-Torque Drive from Danaher Motion


  • TBM Automation becomes official distributor for Danaher Motion Drives
  • VW engine factory Salzgitter (D): control of a cylinder-inner-wall shot peening machine
  • Unaxis Displays (FL): electrical engineering of a manufacturing plant for TFT screens with 2MW power and approx. 12 meter electrical cabinet


  • Wolfshöher Tonwerke (D): first robot system (KUKA) for the fabrication of fireclay-tubes
  • Airbus Nordham (D): Control system of a shot peening machine for the processing of body parts of the A380


  • Unaxis Displays (FL): Complete electrical engineering of a manufacturing plant for TFT screens with 1.2 m2 glass size, performance 500kW
  • Wertli AG (CH): development of visualization software for continuous casting machines for the production of euro mints (Visual Basic)
  • Butler, Elgin (Texas): control of a large plant for the manufacturing of bricks (Simatic S7)
  • US-Tile Corona (California): control of roof tile production with Allen-Bradley SLC500


  • MTU Munich (D): development of quality assurance software for the production of aircraft turbines with Visual Basic 6 and MS Access
  • Unaxis Displays (FL): KAI1200 - Complete electrical engineering of a coating plant for flat screens (500KW, 8m electrical cabinet)
  • Launch of a new CAE system "Promis"


  • Hugo Sieber AG (CH): Development of an embroidery machine control with axis control, and control PC. (First Visual Basic Project)


  • Change of company name in TBM Automation AG after the exit of Mr. Werner Kolb


  • Freymatic AG (CH): Development of motion control software for a rotary cutter and electronic gearing on Schleicher Promodul F platform


  • Wolfshöher Tonwerke (D): complete control of a pipe fabrication with Simatic and multi-axis control (SEW)
  • Siemens (Brazil): control of a decontamination box for a nuclear power plant in Brazil


  • Freymatic AG (CH): First Motion Control Application "Flying Saw"


  • Singapore Airlines' first project with Sinumerik 840 CNC control


  • MTU Munich (D): First visualization and process control systems for shot peening in the aviation industry (InTouch)
  • MTU Munich (D): First project with Sinumerik 880 CNC control with 11 axes interpolating


  • Founding of TBM Kolb AG, 6 employees
  • Lufthansa Hamburg (D): First Schleicher CNC Promodul U for a wet-peening machine