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Our principles of action

We are a team!

Our values

We live honesty, openly, credibly and with commitment. Mutual trust, tolerance and respect are the base of our cooperation.

Our identification

We identify with the goals of our company and are actively working to reach these targets. With team spirit and independent work we are able to reach our goals successfully.

Our development

We want to enhance our strengths and reduce our weaknesses. We see continuous training as a challenge and an opportunity for personal development.

Our initiative

We trust in the abilities of each individual. We recognize the achievements of individuals and teams. We assign task, competence and responsibility together.

Our innovation

We strive for continuous improvement in our processes and products. Therefore, we have room for new ideas and are open to new situations.

Our quality

The quality of our services ensures our existence in a competitive industry. Our main aim is to provide the greatest benefit for our customers. With consistent high quality and focusing on the needs of our customers, we achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our customer contacts

Our customers appreciate us for our courtesy, our reliability and punctuality. Our communication is solution-oriented. We listen to our customers and give them expert advice about issues. Our onsite workplace is kept neat and clean.

Our payment

Our payment is balanced and according to performance levels. We recognize individual initiative and personal and professional competence.