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Bag packaging with Kollmorgen Servostar 300 and Pilz PMC Motion Controller for Hügli AG in Steinach

At Hügli AG located in Steinach, Switzerland a bag packaging machine was successfully updated by TBM Automation AG to advance operation of packing soups and sauces using our expert technology to address Hügli’s needs.

The method

Despite requiring high speed packing, with up to 70 bags packed per minute, Hügli places great emphasis on the appearance and the accuracy of the packaging. The bag film is unwound from a reel, folded, welded, and when necessary punched, cut, filled, sealed and vacuum packed. The entire procedure takes place under the highest hygienic standards for food packaging.

The machine

The machine was manufactured by the German company Höller back in 1972 and was equipped with solid mechanical cams. The DC servo drives were controlled by a counter-based print mark control and a cam control. The original control was extended several times and the components were installed on different locations on the machine due to lack of space. This machine lost production time due to increased downtime and electronic failures and therefore Hugli consulted TBM to remedy the problems faced. Hügli understandably wanted to preserve the valuable and complex mechanism already invested in and replace the obsolete drives and ensure control through state of the art reliable components. So TBM was given the project, as a leader in its industry.

Our project scope

We addressed our client’s needs by preserving valuable and costly parts and replacing others. Our main achievements in this project were the electrical design, construction and wiring of the control cabinet, drive dimensioning, software development, commissioning and training. The automation concept is based on a Pilz PMC motion controller and 3 pcs Kollmorgen Servostar 300 servo amplifiers with Kollmorgen AKM servo motors. HMI is a 7-inch touch panel with recipe management. The motion controller is equipped with print mark functions and an internal cam-control. The drives of the machine are controlled synchronously via CAN bus. The integrated CoDeSys PLC controls the remaining machines and operating functions.

Why Kollmorgen and Pilz?

As a Kollmorgen distributor TBM Automation AG has many years of experience with servo drives, as well as with Pilz PMC motion controllers, which are already used in a number of applications. The Kollmorgen Servo star 300 servo drive combined with Kollmorgen AKM motors deliver the performance for such a demanding task. The motors are also available in Food version (according to FDA standards) for the food industry. The Piz PMC motion controller offered the ideal platform for this application. The controller can be plugged directly into the Servo Drive. The system saves space and needs minimal wiring.

To quote Mr. Michael Treier, head of Hügli’s maintenance department, "By replacing the control we can completely keep the additional features that have been upgraded over the years and use the old quality mechanics. We also have the control back up to date. The spare part supply that was critical to the old control has been ensured again."

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Bag-Packaging at Hügli AG

Touch panel with recipe management

Kollmorgen Servostar 300 with Pilz PMC Motion Control